Renee Hodgins, M.Ed., LPC is a licensed professional counselor in Missouri. She is the owner/CEO of the Counseling & Educational Center, which is located in the Central West End section of St. Louis. She has a specialty of providing supportive and wellness care to women. Her passion in supporting women grew in her practice when she realized that many women felt that the multiple roles they were juggling left them exhausted. They were caring for family, children, spouses, parents, career and work responsibilities. Although they were in relationships as wives, mothers, single women, entrepreneurs, nurtures, sisters etc., these relationships were often one-sided, and heavily weighted on them caring for others, but not receiving that same level of care in return. Renee calls these women “Superwomen.” Superwomen are expected to care for everyone as a priority over caring for self. This role of expecting to be a Superwoman results in depression, anxiety, and general unhappiness in the quality of your personal life.
Renee specializes in supporting women in creating healthy and balanced emotional lifestyle. In developing, and living a healthy and balanced emotional life includes taking time to have proper nutrition, exercise, as well as work-life balance. It is OK to care for those we love, and whom we want in our life. It is not acceptable to prioritize others at the expense of our own health and wellbeing. Renee sponsors an annual conference entitled “Empowered Black Professional Women’s Conference” in May.
Renee has worked with children and adolescents in the educational setting as well as in a therapeutic setting. She has been in the educational setting for over thirty years. Her experiences include being a teacher, international academic advisor, and Gear-Up college Liaison.
Renee uses an integrative approach using mindfulness, skills building, coaching, along with traditional approaches such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Internal Family Systems. Services are available Monday-Friday by appointment only.

Treatment Approach

Renee  uses an eclectic and integrative approach to your unique situation by providing coaching, mindfulness, skill-building, along with traditional clinical approaches such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Internal Family Systems.

Education & Credentials

  • M.Ed. from the University of Missouri-St. Louis
  • 8 yrs. in practice
  • Professional Speaker, Author, Life Coach, Consultant